Hong Kong Islander

Hong Kong Islander

If you’ve been to Hong Kong Islander, you’ve seen – and tasted – what keeps our customers coming back for more. Perfect materials and freshly cooked food, delicious dim sum, chow mein & chow fun, egg fu yung, seafood , soups and special family dinners make us hard to resist! Stop in today and check us out! We are now online to serve you more. Order Online now and get perfect delicious meals delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Fine ingredients

Hong Kong Islander

Our chefs work with top quality ingredients and do as little to the food as possible to bring out the colour and flavor. We welcome you to enjoy the best Dim Sum meals and classic dishes in Sacramento.

Hong Kong Islander
Hong Kong Islander
Hong Kong Islander

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Hong Kong Islander
Jessica Clark

This is the best Dim Sum in town. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Excellent food. Easy parking.

Brenda Nguyen

Best dim sum place I've ever been to. Food is AMAZING. Service is great. Totally recomended

Nocto Nocto

Good food for a reasonable price. Awesome customer service. Will come one more time.

Eric Cañada

First time to eat here, a good recommendation from a friend. Enjoyed the food

Photopoemic JT

Really great place for the family, good services and great dimsum.



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